The moment you meet other photo enthousiasts sooner or later the subject of cameras comes along. What camera do you have? Well, of course there is nothing wrong with talking about cameras. That’s fine. But please don’t overrate your camera. At the end you are the one that presses the button.

Perhaps you thought of buying a new camera. But what to buy? The more expensive the better pictures?

Don’t directly spend you hard earned money on an expensive camera and gear. Sure, if you have a unlimited budget feel free to buy a great camera. But remember: the most expensive camera won’t give you better pictures. First look at what you have. You already have a camera? No matter if it’s a compact camera or a DSLR that is five years old, pick it up and start with it! And if you don’t have a camera you can always start with your phone. Most recent smartphones have great cameras that can make high quality pictures.
Ready to buy a new camera? There are a lot of different brands and types out there. And it can be very overwhelming. There are no real bad cameras out there. The technical development of cameras is going very fast and every camera today is a technical powerhouse.

Buy a camera that fits your budget.

The most expensive camera won’t give you better pictures.


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Photo by nichiiro on Unsplash