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WEEKLY EDITION | September 2022


With using the grid you can bring your photos to a higher level!


As we mentioned in our newsletter past week, composition is a key factor in photography. What you put in your photo, and not, is very important for your final image. And that takes practice. Taking pictures frequently helps you develop a feeling for the right composition.

But there is a very strong tool that can help you with getting a strong composition: The grid. The grid is a very handy function that many cameras have. If you want to know if your camera has this function please refer to your user manual or browse through the menu of your camera. You can of course always
Google it through ‘your-camera-brand grid’.

Also on your phone you can use the grid. The standard camera app on the iPhone has a grid option you can enable in the settings. Also on Android the camera apps mostly have this function available.

So, what is the grid?

Well the grid exists of four lines. Two of them are placed horizontal and two vertical.

By placing your subject on one of the four crossing points you can create a more interesting and balanced composition. And not only you can use the crossing points but also the horizontal lines are a great guideline to place your horizon. Placing a horizon in the middle does often create a less interesting picture. Placing it on one of the horizontal lines gives more dynamic and interesting picture.

Photo without using on of the horizontal lines.

Photo with use of the horizontal line for the horizon. This photo gives a more interesting and dynamic image.

The rule of thirds

With using the grid you are using a technique that has a long history: The rule of thirds.

This technique is being used in paintings, photography, film and video. Many great painters of the past used this in their paintings. And if you watch a film, please notice how many times this technique is used to setup a scene.



So as you can see, the use of the grid can really get your pictures to a next level. But keep this in mind. It is not a hard law and it always depends on the subject and the effect you want to reach. Sometimes it is more interesting to place a subject in the middle. Keep trying!

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