Last week we talked about inspiration. Let’s dive this week into the works of some great photographers from the past and present. For your inspiration!

WEEKLY EDITION | September 2022


Get inspired from true masters!


Credit top image: Ansel Adams

With so many great photographers out there you might ask yourself the question: What can I add with photography? But don’t forget that every photographer has started somewhere and developed an unique style and vision. And so can you.

This week we will showcases some photographers who made there marks.
Be inspired and keep on going!


Ansel Adams (1902 – 1984)

The first one (obviously) on our list is Ansel Adams. A household name in photography. Ansel Adams was a landscape photographer and environmentalist. Well known for his black and white photographs of the American West. Learn from the master!

View the Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams

Credit Ansel Adams

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004)

Another legendary classic in photography. Started with painting he later developed a passion in photography. With his excellent feeling for timing and moment his legacy is historic. And a true pioneer of street photography.

View his gallery on Magnum

Credit Henri Cartier-Bresson


Sam Abell

One of my personal favorites. A photographer with his own unique style. His pictures have a certain peace in them but always a deeper layer. Worked for National Geographic and always was between a photo journalist and an artist.

View the gallery

Sam Abell

Credit: Sam Abell


David Alan Harvey

Another National Geographic Photographer. His photography combines a direct documentary style and emotional mood with his own powerful, personal vision.

View his gallery on Magnum Photos

Credit David Alan Harvey


Todd Hido

A true artist who used photography to express himself. His work is in several galleries worldwide and has been in many collections. His series “Homes at night” is famous and inspirational.

View the gallery

Todd Hido

Credit Todd Hido


Mary Ellen Mark (1940 –  2015)

An American photographer known for her photojournalism, documentary photography, portraiture, and advertising photography. She photographed people who were “away from mainstream society and toward its more interesting, often troubled fringes.

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Credit Mary Ellen Mark


I hope you get inspired by these great photographers who showed the world in their own unique way.

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