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WEEKLY EDITION | September 2022


Why composition is important for your photos


A side of many things that are the key elements of a picture, like sharpness and light, there is another important aspect: composition.

What’s in and what’s not

If we would look up what the definition is of composition we would get something like this:

” Organization of the different parts into one whole ”

It means what you put in your photo and perhaps more essential: what not.

When you make a picture of a scene there are several ways to do it. You can try it from a low angle, from a higher angle, take a step left or right. And all of these perspectives can be good. So the question is: What defines a good composition?

Well simply said: A good composition has all the information needed for the picture, but nothing more! And that’s is the key. The art of omission.

Every element in a picture should be there for a reason

Every time you make a picture think about your composition. What should I include and what not. Check the following elements when making your composition:

The main subject

Once you decided what your subject will be go find the best angle. Give your subject a prominent place in your image. Keep the light in mind, how does it fall. Is another position better for the subject. Try different options.

Leave out disturbing elements

Look at anything that can be distracting and doesn’t help the picture. For example hard shadows can draw away attention. Also lighter elements in the picture often attract the viewers eye. So try to to avoid that if it harms your main subject.

Foreground and background

Mind that a background can take the attention away from your subject. Or it can help your subject. That’s the choice to make at that moment. It might help to add a foreground. This can make the picture more interesting and dynamic.

Using the leaves as a foreground gives a more interesting image

A good composition will give more interesting pictures that attract the viewers eye. But the key is training and keep on trying. Make pictures every day!


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